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Mother’s Perfect Gift

Mother's Love

In a baby's first critical days of life, a mother passes her immune knowledge to her baby through her first milk called colostrum. This immune knowledge (like an immune library) contains mother's immune memory to help her newborn grow up healthy and strong. 

Equipped with mom's immune memory, the baby's naive immune cells are able to function better when faced with health threats. Mom's immune memory cells help educate baby's immune cells to recognize, respond to and remember its enemies; bacteria, viruses, etc. These immune memory cells are also called transfer factors because of their unique ability to transfer information. 

It will take a couple of months for the baby to build its own immune system. In the mean time, borrowed immune knowledge from mom is best! 

How transfer fact is different from colostrum?

We receive this question a lot so here's the answer. Colostrum is mother's first milk that is produced within 48 hours of birth. It's packed with all kinds of goodness for newborn to ensure the baby become strong enough to face the world.

In colostrum you will find water, vitamins and minerals, protein, fat, carbohydrates, antibodies, some growth hormones and transfer factors. However the amount of transfer factor is actually very little in colostrum.

Although they are small in quantity, transfer factors are vital to the survival of the newborn. Unlike the antibodies that protect the newborn against specific disease, transfer factor works with immune system to give bigger and wider protection against disease.

In the last 20 years, transfer factors have gained credibility and popularity becoming one of the most valuable support you can take daily. Most important things of all, the intake of transfer factor daily is safe, natural and with no side effect. Read more about 4Life Transfer Factor as stated in Physician desk Referrence (

Watch this video to learn the difference between transfer factors and colostrum.

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