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3-Scientific Step Making Your Immune Smarter

How Science have Advanced!

By late 1998, researchers and scientists have discovered the method of extracting transfer factors from chicken egg yolks and cow colostrum. This was a turning point in transfer factor history. 

For the last 50 years, transfer factors were extracted from blood leukocytes and were given via injection or oral (sublingual). The oral route is viable because transfer factors are able to withstand stomach acid and digestive enzymes whilst retaining their function.

Billions of Different Transfer Factors

Science has also proven that transfer factors are not species-specific. Evidence shows that these tiny protein molecules are able to exert their immune enhancing effects across species; such as from chicken to mice, cow to mice, human to monkeys, human to guinea pigs, etc. 

Dr. C. H. Kirkpatrick

a key researcher of transfer factors. 

"Transfer factors which are made of 8 amino acids can combine to form billions of different transfer factors. Transfer factors extracts contain an estimate of 200 or more individual transfer factors. They work together to help enhance, correct and balance the immune system" 

Why Transfer Factors from Chicken and Cow?

The process of extracting transfer factors from chicken egg yolks and cow colostrum are both patented (US6468534 and US4816563). What's the significance of this discovery? The large quantities of transfer factors present in cow colostrum (and to a certain extend chicken egg yolks) provides a readily available and inexpensive source for otherwise rare and expensive material. The extracts can be freeze-dried and stored for later use. Today, they are available as oral supplements. 

Read more about the processes here: (download link)

1. Transfer factor from colostrum extract 

2. Transfer factor from avian sources

Your Immune Cells with Transfer Factor

So, if you are wondering what exactly happens to your immune system with transfer factors, watch the video below. Bear in mind, your body already produces transfer factors. But new and naive immune cells are produced every day. Hence, having additional transfer factors circulating in your body will help these new immune cells swing into action more quickly. 


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