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In ONE night, I have LOST everything.

but, I am FORTUNATE. Why? Read my story...

This is a story of how a fit & healthy young man suddenly Bedridden for months!

It was my 6th year in the military. Ranked 1st Lieutenant, graduated with Gold Medal Bachelor Degree. Just finished all compulsory officer's courses & training. My career path has been set by my mentor. I am good to go and experience the military world. Then suddenly, after a good night sleep... I woke up WITHOUT the ability to move even an inch.

Through the MRI results, I was diagnosed with 'Transverse Myelitis'.

As far as I know, the disease can be triggered by many things. In my case, its all started from a series of pro-longed fever and skin-infectious on both my legs. I believe it was from one of the jungle-exercise and there were many other colleagues got the same leg-skin problems. However, I was unfortunate, the doctor mentioned "It Is In Your Blood" which then triggered TM.

It took 6 months of Bedridden & 2 years of Rehabilitation.

Do not get any wrong idea . I am not pleading for sympathy nor hoping that you do anything. Instead, I am doing you a favor by sharing my experiences and stories. Believe me. You could not find a young guy with that kind of experience every day. My career path? Damaged to the point that I was advised to take medical scheme. I was lost, thoughtless, not-a-single word come from me after all the decisions made.

A piece of memory: you ever try wearing the disposable diapers for adults? Or the 'peeing' plastic bag change by nurse while you are warded?

It was one in a thousand-kind of experience. Using wheelchair to move here and there. It still fresh in mind, when I was transferred to my hometown, in the flight I had to call the flight steward and ask for help to the toilet. At the time, I can only move my heads and both hands. It was also my first time using the airplane's restroom. I hope the steward did not smell my wet diapers while carrying me.

This story got nothing to do with you BUT, it could be YOU in my place ANYTIME

The sweetest thing about all this is how my view on Gratitude, Health and Love changed 360 degree. I found that, ALL I HAVE today can be easily strip away from me at any second. If this can happen to me, it may also happen to anybody. Who can guarantee that your health and well-being at the age of 20 can be maintain forever? No One!

To stay Fit & Energetic every single day till 60, Is my personal Goal.

Now that I am back on my feet again, I become strictly aware of my everyday diet. What I do, and what I take to support me and my family is Extremely Important.

The sad thing in our beloved country nowadays is, there are too many rubbish products everywhere. Rubbish because most of them are own-backyard lab based researches. If some may have proper research and lab, they are lack on important balance of substances to make it Work & most importantly, Safe.

Here are some important aspects we should be aware.

Now, where were we so far?

  • Your life can change at split second.

Remember 'Attitude of Gratitude'. You cannot change the future, it will happen nonetheless. But you can always be prepared, be thankful of whatever you have now will make you and the future brighter. I have been there.

  • Appreciate your health & wellness.

Do you want to spend some considerable cost for a Safe, Natural & Science-Based product to support your whole family facing everyday polluted environment? Or pay a huge treatment cost when bad thing happen.

  • Do you want rubbish? Or you want the best quality?

Living is truly all about choices we made. You are what you choose to be and your choices made who you are and your family. I choose the Best. you?

If I give you One Best Solution to whatever you & family are looking for, would you take it?

Throughout our lives, we and the whole family face many kind of health problems. Not one soul escape this because we're living in a very tough environment. We thought that we're invincible and as the years goes down the lines in our thirties, we begin to face health challenges that we do not know about or even expected. Or maybe your children, or your parents under your care.

It was 2004, about 15 years ago. My parent start giving this newly introduced product (launched 1998 worldwide) on my eldest sister who have very serious 'Breathing Problem' (they have the name for the disease but to obey the rule, I cannot state the name). As long as I remember, she was always carrying the inhaler wherever she went. Among the sibling, she had it worst. Guess what? After frequent use, she was even able to give birth for her first child without serious complication in 2008. Do you know how dangerous the health problem is for pregnant women? One-third will have serious complication.

For about last 15 years this products is in our home

At first, my parent thought the product is the same as whatever newly launched, hype-based products in the market that time. They are not exactly a fan of health and wellness thingy and was only by chance shared the information by their old friend.

​The economy of our household was not that impressive too. If I remember correctly, my mum's shop was just closed down and in-debt. It was VERY IMPRESSIVE though to think she would even buy this slightly hi-cost product (but very reasonable if you know the quality ingredients they're using) for her children. Love you mama!

Alright then, I think we are at this point where, I should reveal to you the name of the product that have been discussed until now. Before that, if you are reading until this section, I sincerely hope you will at least got something to brings about in your life journey.

This is ONE NAME that will be in every home


Since 1998, 4Life Research® has brought the best quality products to support our overall health. They are committed to ongoing innovation and scientific discovery, with products to help you lead a healthier life.

4Life product formulations are developed through research and a commitment to the utmost quality and eficacy. The company's in-house Research and Development team includes Doctors and Scientist who keep 4Life on cutting edge of scientific advancement. Additionally, their Health Sciences Advisory Board (HSAB) assist in the development of new products and helps further research into 4Life Transfer Factor Science.

1. Products for Your Life : when you feel healthy, you can live your best possible life. that is why people are making the smart choices with 4Life Transfer Factor products.

2. The Science of 4Life products: encompasses the research, innovation and technology of products that fortify our body. they are all patented, certified and highly researched. (watch video)

3. Commitment to Long-term Care : 4Life holds 5 U.S. patents and 38 international patents- with dozens more pending. This demonstrate their commitment to exclusivity and stability.

With this great Discovery...

What will change?


All Products Imported from U.S.AInternational Halal Certified


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Experts research equals scientific success.

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Health Sciences Advisory Board (HSAB)

All 8 Medical/Science Personnel in the video

  • Robert W. Robertson, Jr., MD - Director of Emergency Services
  • Duane Townsend, MD, FACOG - Professor of California University
  • Edgar A. Guess, Jr., MD, FACOG - Clinical Professor, University of Southern California
  • Teresa Tomalska, MD - Medical Doctor
  • Mei-Ling Siu-Caldera, MD, PhD - Medical Doctor
  • Said Daibes, PhD - Assistant Professor
  • J. Ty Hopkins, PhD, ATC - Professor of Brigham University
  • Joy Irobi, PhD - Research Professor

About the Author​

Greetings from the author humble table, it is my honor and privileges to have your attention reading my little experiences. I would like to stress on the fact that these story is really happen to me and now, I am a proud Mama's Son, Loving Husband =p & Most importantly, I am a Father for TWO little man! (there are some moment where I've lost hope to get kids with my previous condition). Finally, I really hope that you got something from your visit this time and hopefully to see you again soon. Keep in touch!

- Tengku Zamir, AliceWonders Moderator

One day, you'll wake up and say "How lucky I am..."

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You can either choose to come up TOP with full committed decision or you can goes down to BOTTOM-pit by saying one-thousand-and-one EXCUSES.

You cannot do BOTH. Choose. And Live with the Consequences.

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