For Extra Miles & Higher Performance with just 2x Dots..

Be a Real Man! Do not sweat over the details. Let me show you!


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That ONE night, I am SPEECHLESS.

I thought it was just a hoax product...

I am Speechless! Shocked! Amazed!

Firstly, Let me tell you that I am a normal guy. Married for years, blessed with 2 active sons. All this years, I have fooled myself by saying that... I have totally nailed it! I am awesome! And I don't need anything (extra) for higher performance. But... that night, IT'S Totally Different Experience!

Summary of interesting article 'Male Orgasm: Understand the Male Climax'.

Its not the hotness. Not even numbness (careful with the amount, only use 2 small dots). So, I thought - why the hell this Thing felt so gooooood~??

I remembered the guy who sold that told me, "Make sure to put more on lower part, near to nerves & veins.."

I then realize, this Thing not only making it harder for longer time BUT also actually made it LONG! She never, ever beg me to stop but that night she actually did!

OK! That's it for my Story. I am glad to have test it. Why? Sometime, you return from work with ZERO energy.

As a man who provide for the family, we spend our days and hours to our fullest energy limit just to maintain the living costs. It is fine but, if by doing so jeopardizing your healthy, happy relationship with spouse - it is not worth it.

Do not wait until you need it, a broken glass is remain broken, you can either replace with a new one or Take Precaution Steps, such as BUY THIS THING TODAY.

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Made with 8 Natural Legacies Herb. Mixed with accurate Scientific Proportion.

Virgin Oil, Belacak Oil, Olive Oil, Rosemary Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tribulus, Butea Superba and the famous Gambir.

Combination of exact percentages of each ingredients is very Important to avoid from becoming too hot or too numb and to avoid side effect. Luckily, with latest hi-tech GMP industry - the Revolution of Legacies is Here.

Here are some important facts you should know.

Now, where were we so far?

  • Do not be afraid of some 'little' help

You never know when you really need it. But, you are going to regret if Its Not There when you need the most!

  • Appreciate healthy, happy relation with spouse

Happy wife is happy Life? No sweat! You got it covered smoothly & easily. =p

  • Legacies + Scientific = Awesome Thing!

Legacies is not meant to be forgotten but, to preserved and improved.

If I give you One Best Thing to Solve your thing & made you prepared, would you take it?

LongRun Lotion by Doreko Malaysia

I really cannot wait to say this... here's the Thing. Take it or leave it and regret it for your whole life when you don't have one in your pocket when you actually NEED it!

Just kidding... I am here to help you. As this have worked for me, I really hope it shall do the same for every single one of MAN HOOD out there. Here's are some of the satisfied Awesome Man Hood so far~

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More Satisfied MAN HOOD! (they all bit shy so, only text) =p

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Do Life Differently

“5% of people got to live longer, healthier, achieve greater performances both for them and whole family. They Do Life Differently.”

Your 1st step for making changes is to Act.

Take Action!

About the Author​

Greetings from the author humble table, it is my honor and privileges to have your attention reading my little experiences. I am a proud Mama's Son, Loving Husband =p & Most importantly, I am a Father for TWO little man!

- Tengku Zamir, AliceWonders Moderator